And more

Apart from playing saxophone I am also a DJ. This may mean that I start by playing the saxophone for party guests and then switch to DJ, and the combination of both gets all possible audiences up on their feet to dance, including children and adults of all ages.
I can integrate saxophone playing with DJ music and provide original and surprising additions to your event. Spontaneous improvisation on the DJ music on stage and on the dance floor, with my dancing performance, is an option that gives an extra “push” of energy and adrenaline to any event and turns it into an absolutely incredible highlight which is certainly unforgettable.
I also have rich experience working with youth as well as adults.
In addition to solo saxophone, I have been playing and performing with various ensembles, bands, orchestras and with other professional musicians (such as a pianist, a violist, a guitarist, a drummer, an oud player, a sitar player, etc…) as well as with singers according to the client’s wishes.